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Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens are by definition criminals according to Federal Immigration Code.  They are not her legally.  They are not intitled to any benefits for sneaking into our country.  They cost citizen over $350,000,000,000 without including healthcare or education costs.  They only pay about $17,000,000,000 in taxes.  This means, if we expelled all illegals, we would have another $333,000,000,000 (333 Billion Dollars) to spend annually on education, infastucture and debt.  Our schools would be less crowded.  Our roads would have less traffic.  Our health care organizations would have more capacity.  And we would have less crime and less people we pay to keep in jail.

The argument that illegal aliens add to our economy is just a false claim.  Unskilled workers do not make our economy better.  They cause a depression in wages for our citizens.  They take jobs our citizens would be able to take.  They work for less than the market value of the jobs because they are illegal and cannot obtain a fair wage.  

In no world does allowing illegal aliens to enter our country help our citizens.  The people harmed the most are the poor and low skilled citizens.  The people benefiting from this are the people taking advantage of these people.  It is against the law to hire illegal aliens.  Both the illegal aliens and the employers should all be charged with crimes and prosecuted.

President Trump plans to begin deporting illegal aliens who have completed the legal process and have received final orders from our courts.  They have been sent or received deportation orders.  They had their day in court and now they will be sent home.


The second ammendment was established to enable the citizens of this country to defend themselve from the government and to protect themselves from harm.  The founders did not put any limitation on this right.  Under the Heller decision the Supreme Court found that the 2nd Ammendment does in fact protect the individual right to keep and bear arms.  Many liberal dominated states have aggressively tried to limit this right.  Recent court cases are removing those limitation.  This trend will continue as our freedom is restored.  

It is worth reminding liberals that no NRA members has committed a mass killing.  No concealed carry holder has commited any mass crimes.  Mass killing have been committed by insane people, and Democrats.  Below is a list of these:


My conclusion from the above data is that we can eliminate mass shooting by making everyone become an NRA member and a Republican.  It is clear from the data, that democrats and socialists are the problem.  It appears that homelessness, pooping in the streets, drug use in the streets and harboring illegal aliens are a problem in liberal cities.  Gun violence seems to be problems in those same cities.  The common theme is that they are run by Democrats, liberals and socialists.  My conclusion is that citizens should realise this and vote every liberal, democrat and socialist out of office.  This is how we can fix gun crime, homelessness and other issues in our cities and states.

Climate Change Hoax

In the 80s liberals claimed with were heading for another Ice Age.  When the data showed that this was not true, they claimed there was global warming.  When the data showed that there were only a small percent of 1 degree change in average temperature over a twenty year period, they settled on calling it “Climate Change”.   That we, they would be able to point at every event and claim it was caused by Climate Change.  

The problem is our planet has had extreme weather changes over the last 100,000 years.  We have had Ice Ages and very warm periods.  At one time Greenland was beautiful farm land inhabited by a great many people.  We have had periods where the ice flows have reached the middle of the United States.  These changes represent extreme weather changes over a long period of time.  There have been less extreme warm periods and less extreme cold periods over the last 5,000 years.  If you take a scientific view of this data, you find a very wide range of “normal” temperatures over a long period of time.  When looking at this as a model, and trying to measure possible human impact on temperature, it is impossible to detect the impact.  The problem is the weather (the earth) varies so widely over time, and measuring the minute changes over the last 20 years (approximately .1 degree warmer) and then trying to ascribe a component of that change to man and our activities.  Think about an ant getting on your car.  Does the car go slower with the ant on the car?  It is possible to do the math, but impossible to prove any impact.  

The real purpose of liberals pursuing this hoax is to steal our freedom and to made us slaves to thier ambitions.  They want to tax us, take away freedom and make rules they like and force us to follow them.  It’s like the electric car.  The electric car polutes more than a gasoline car when you could production of the vehicle and the environmental issues with disposing of the batteries etc.  For some idiotic reason, people believe what they are told by politicians.  

Polution and poisoning the world

If you want to get excited about something bad, think about polution.  The real risk we pose is poluting the oceans, land and air.  The plastic floating around the ocean is creating an environmental mess.  The chemicals we use are killing bees, animals and ourselves.  We should consider focusing on our impact on the environment.  The Chinese will eventually ruin the habitat in China.  As different parts of the world become polluted, this will create a stress on where it remains safe to live.  War will be inevitable.  Where will a billion Chinese people go?  If you want to worry, the climate hoax is silly, worry about how we are poisoning the planet.

Soros Nazi

Facebook is anti-free speech and is biased for Liberals, Socialists and Democrats

Having been block by facebook for call “Illegal Aliens” by the term in the US Immigration Code, I believe FB is totally biased and anti-American.  FB also defend Islam, when Islam is a religion that supports murder, rape, mutilation, abuse of both children and women, slavery and killing all gays.  

FB is currently receiving special treatment under Federal Law.  All of these protections should be removed and people should be allowed to sue FB for biased, illegal and preferencial behavior.  Removing their protection will put thier misbehavior into the courts where they will be financially punished.  

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