Huge Developments in east rocklin

Sierra College is a bad neighbor to the community of east Rocklin.  They are developing land to a density that will add thousands of cars to our over capacity road.  The developer, Evergreen Dev, is planning to build huge numbers of cracker box homes on postage stamp lots.  At their initial meeting last night, Evergreen complained that the 100 or so residence in attendance were rude to the poor developer.  One of the presenter claimed to live in Rocklin, but kept calling Pacific, Taylor Road.  

When asked about the traffic issues, they pushed the issues off to the EIR (Environmental Document).  They acknoledged that Rocklin Road is over capacity during the class changes at Sierra College, not during the AM/PM commute that the city wrongly used in the last EIR.

We need to put pressure on the Sierra College Trustees, the Rocklin City Council and the Rocklin Planning Commission.  

In addition, during the upcoming election, we should not vote for the two candidates taking money and endorsements from the developers/builders.  

© Mike Mattos 2018