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Mike Mattos for Rocklin City Council
Good government isn’t an accident.  It happens when smart people run for office and govern with the peoples interest in mind.  I am asking for your vote, so that I can be that person.

Why am I running?                                                    

I’ve lived in Rocklin since the late 80s.  At that time, Rocklin was a quiet bedroom community with good schools and was a safe, clean community with lots of locally owned businesses and a few chain stores.  Since that time, there have been a lot of changes.  Some have been good, while others are not so good.                                                                          

The original vision for our city was to have commercial areas and residential areas.  The recent developments have blurred those lines.  I would like to see a return to the original vision.                                                       

My second issue is that it is long over due for Rocklin and Roseville to have light rail service to Sacramento.  I will be a proponent of making this happen.  Folsom pulled it off and so can we.  We deserve a transit system that makes it easy and convenient to travel to Sacramento and back on a 15 minute service schedule.  Over the last 14 years, this has been the number one unmet transit need.  It is time to put in some effort to make this happen.                                                                  

Finally, Rocklin is a great place to live and have a family.  We don’t need to over develop like Roseville or to be anti-development like Loomis.  I believe, we need to find the right balance for Rocklin. 
I had less gray when this photo was taken.
Mike Mattos Endorsed by the Sacramento Bee

Vote for a change with:
Mike Mattos, Joe Patterson and Michele Vass
For the 1st time in recent memory voters have the choice to elect a new majority in Rocklin. We have three challengers running against 3 city insiders. Vote for me (Mike Mattos), Michele Vass and Joe Patterson. It's not often that voters have a chance to have this kind of impact in a single election. Although I think I am the best candidate running, I like both Michele and Joe.

Do not vote for:
Dave Butler, Greg Janda or Ken Broadway.  They are responsible for the Golf Course fiasco, traffic circles and the houses being built in our commercial areas.  We can do better with new people. 

Dave and Greg have guided our city in the wrong direction.  Ken's role as a planning commisioner made the housing in our commercial areas possible and the planning commision had a role in the weird traffic circles.